Help you find work-life balance

Work-Life Balance Through Self-Care Practices

This course will help you achieve the balance you need to feel fulfilled in your career

Assess your challenges

Identify challenges in your current role

develop a self-care plan

Create a plan that prioritizes your well-being, health and wellness

Identify your triggers

Identify common triggers and how to prevent stress responses

Implement your plan

Execute your self-care plan daily to contribute to work-life balance

How it Works


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Do the Work

Complete and reflect on the course activities; create an action plan!

Course Structure

You will receive a course package that will include a compilation of short video instructions, a practical assessment or activity for you to complete, and resources for you to further reflect on your career journey. By the end of the course you should have a specific plan to help you achieve work-life balance. 

Step 1

Explore work-life balance and what that means in your life.

Step 2

Identify signs of career burn-out and your current stress index

Step 3

Explore self-care strategies and develop your unique self-preservation plan

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