Services for Individuals

Who is the Service For?

If you are unsatisfied in your career; going to work everyday without meaning and purpose; if you need more out of your career or a career change.

How it works

Choose from an individual session, online course or workshops to master your career journey. Individual sessions are offered online and include coaching you through a career transition whether you are unsatisfied in your career, considering a new career, or are experiencing workplace burnout. Online courses include two topics; exploring your career potential and work-life balance through self-care practices. Both involve a series of self-paced curriculum to help you succeed in your career. Register for a monthly workshop where you can network and connect with other professionals experiencing similar challenges and develop strategies to succeed in your career.


Whether you are in need of a new job, unhappy in your career, in a career transition, or are feeling stressed out from your current job this coaching session will help you figure out your next career move, and will help you identify areas where you are experiencing challenges and the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.

Please note individuals sessions are accepted by most extended health care and insurance providers in Ontario through your company benefits under “Social Work” services.



Unlocking Your Career Potential

This course will explore practical strategies to help you engage in a purposeful career journey. You will participate in a series of self-assessments and activities that will help put you on the right path to explore your unique career journey and the next steps you need to take.

What will be involved:

  • Participating in an assessment process to help you understand where you are currently with your career and will help you to identify your unique values and interests
  • Undergoing a series of goal setting activities to realize your purpose and vision
  • Providing key insights into proven career steps you can take to be successful  

Work-Life Balance Through Self-Care Practices

This course will focus on helping you explore activities you can engage in to achieve the right work-life balance. It will incorporate essential self-care practices to achieve the right balance you need in your life.

What will be involved:

  • Identifying triggers and areas where you are feeling an in-balance in your life
  • Exploring self-care practices that have helped achieve balance
  • Developing a strategy to promote self-care and balance in your life

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