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Jodi Tingling, MSW, RSW

Career Strategist and Founder of Creating New Steps

I started my profession within the career development space in 2008 helping youth, newcomers, individuals in career transitions, students and new graduates navigate their career. I provided individuals with one-on-one job search coaching, workshops and mentorships with the goal of helping them transition into meaningful careers. Facing a career transition myself, I wanted to influence more change in individual’s lives so I pursued graduate studies in social work. In my studies I learned about the psychosocial context in which people make decisions and key determinants that hold people back from pursuing their purpose and how to help individuals navigate the challenges in their lives.

Social Work and Focus Area

Social work practices involves the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of individuals, families, couples or groups experiencing challenges in their life. As a licensed social worker my focus areas is in two parts: helping individuals who are in a career transition and helping those who need stress management or work-life balance. My passion is to help people succeed. I choose to focus on solutions rather than concentrating on the past. I provide a solution focused approach to help individuals best navigate their career.

What is a session, or a workshop like with me?

My coaching sessions involve asking a set of guided questions to help draw out individuals’ stories. I help in the exploration of options and visualization of the future. Depending on the client’s  focus, the session may involve assessments, exploring strategies for success, or identifying the challenges or barriers in elevating their career.  Sessions may also involve a review of past and current career strategies including the approach, marketing efforts including resume and cover letter review or interview skills as well as how to minimize or prevent workplace burnout .  Each session is tailored towards client’s unique individual needs.

In a workshop setting I engage participants by helping them explore their unique needs and challenges. Sessions can involve an exploration of strategies to help individuals be successful in their career. It can include value assessments and a combination of interactive activities and take-home assignments to affect change.  

My approach is simple; you come ready to do the work and I will provide the tools, resources and support you need to get to the next level.

I am also available for speaking initiatives and can speak on a variety of topics including but not limited to career development strategies, employee engagement, workplace burn-out, millennials in the workplace, the future of work, and understanding the side-hustle.

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