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Jodi Tingling, MSW, RSW, Wellness and Workplace Coach

I work with leaders, professionals, and organizations to ensure they meet their unique workplace goals. Workplace wellness, managing stress, helping people navigate their career, and building inclusive teams is at the heart of what I do. As a champion for Black, Indigenous and People of colour (BIPOC) my passion is to create equitable workspaces where everyone can feel safe to work in their purpose.

My goal is to lead employees to have a better workplace experience, this means cultivating effective leadership, challenging the status quo, and putting people first.


I am a licensed social worker in the province of Ontario and a multifaceted professional with experience and expertise in leadership development, career management, and wellness in the workplace. With more than 10 years of experience, I have worked for various non-profits, charities, international organizations, and post-secondary institutions developing programs that empower professionals to meet their unique needs.

Work With Me To

Reduce Workplace Stress

Increase Team Functioning

Build Impactful Leaders

Build Inclusive Teams

Make Your Next Career Move

Achieve Work-Life Balance

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