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Do you love your career?

Over a week ago to test out LinkedIn’s new polling feature I asked: “what aspect of your career is the most important to you”? 60% chose having passion and purpose and 40% chose having work-life-balance. The results confirmed why I do what I do. 

Poll results

It is not enough to be in a career you don’t love, putting in the required 40-60 hrs a week with the mentality of getting through the workday can be draining-mentally and physically. And even if you have passion and purpose for your career if there isn’t work-life balance then that passion can fade.

The two most common questions I get from my clients are how do I pivot into a new role that suits my skills, needs and interests and how do I manage feeling burnout at work.

If you are considering a new career:

    • Develop a list of attributes for your ideal career-create a vision of what you want to do and why

    • Conduct market research-look at job postings, what parts of the roles stand out to you

    • Assess your skill sets and areas where you may need more experience/training

    • Talk to people in your desired industry-start by researching people on LinkedIn get to know them and their work then reach out

    • Upgrade your skills to meet the needs of your new profession

    • Get ready and go for it-ensure your personal brand reflects where you see yourself and just start!

To manage burnout:

    • Evaluate your burnout triggers-assess what is happening in your body physically and mentally and consider why it is happening

    • Take care of yourself-determine what brings you to your happy place and do more of it

    • Establish boundaries-at work and personally, a phrase you can start to use is “I’m currently at capacity to take anything else on”

    • Ensure your workdays have breaks away from the computer-block time in your schedule to be away from your desk and stick to it

    • Seek professional help to process and manage your stress

With the following strategies in mind you too can be thriving in your career whether you are considering a career change or are feeling burnout at work.


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Jodi Tingling is a career strategist and licensed social worker focused on coaching, motivating, and guiding others in their career trajectories.