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Course 1

Stress Reduction

Helping you manage your stress to get back to feeling the joy and purpose you once felt in your life.

Stress reduction

4 modules - 5 hours
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Course 2

become an inclusive leader

Become an inclusive leader. Understand what it takes to be an effective leader on a diverse team,

become an inclusive leader

6 lessons - 5 hours
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Course 3

How to Live Mindfully

Find out what it takes to live with purpose and intent. Being in the present can positively affect your life at work and at home.

How to Live Mindfully

8 lessons - 8 hours
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Course 4

How to find a career you love

Learn how to get into a career you love. No longer do you need to feel stuck in your career.

How to find a career you love

6 lessons - 6 hours
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I Am Jodi Tingling

With 12 years of career development and wellness expertise, I help individuals meet their unique career and wellness goals. The world is constantly changing, it is my mission to equip individuals and organizations with the skills and strategies to achieve true growth. 

Why My Courses

Help you achieve personal and professional growth

up-t0-date strategies

All courses are current and up-to date with the latest strategies to help you succeed


Trusted Knowledge

With trusted expertise in the subject matter and experience to elevate your mindset

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Anytime, Anywhere

Courses are offered online, you can tune in from anywhere to gain new strategies

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