Courses to help you succeed in your career

Unlocking Your Career Potential

This course will explore practical strategies to help you engage in a purposeful career journey. You will participate in a series of self-assessments and activities that will help put you on the right path to explore your unique career journey and the next steps you need to take.

What will be involved:

  • Participating in an assessment process to help you understand where you are currently with your career and to identify your unique values and interests
  • Undergoing a series of goal setting activities to realize your purpose and vision
  • Providing key insights into proven career steps you can take to be successful

Work-Life Balance Through Self-Care Practices

This course will focus on helping you explore activities you can engage in to achieve the right work-life balance. It will incorporate essential self-care practices to achieve the right balance you need in your life.

What will be involved:

  • Identifying triggers and areas where you are feeling an in-balance in your life
  • Exploring self-care practices that have helped achieve balance
  • Developing a strategy to promote self-care and balance in your life

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