Help you find a career you love

Unlocking Your Career Potential

This course will help you meet your career needs

What's Involved

Assess your Career challenges

Explore and identify challenges in elevating your career

create your plan

Based on completed activities, self-assessments and goals

Take ownership of your career

Explore and identify your interests, strengths and opportunities

make your move

Execute your plan to unlock your career potential

How it Works


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Do the Work

Complete and reflect on the course activities; create an action plan!

Course Structure

You will receive a course package through Google Classroom that will include a compilation of short video instructions, a practical assessments and activity for you to complete, and resources for you to further reflect on your career journey.  By the end of the course you should have a specific plan to help you unlock your career potential. 

Module 1

Identifying who you are now
Understanding your unique value

Module 2

Exploring who you want to become

Module 3

Assessing what's holding you back

Module 4

Creating your unique action plan and strategies for success

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