The Burn-Out Factor

A couple of years ago I spoke at DisruptHR Toronto with an amazing line up of speakers. Burnout is a real threat to organizational functioning. It contributes to decreases in productivity, employee engagement and increases in absences from the workplace and health related issues among employees. It’s time to put the “human” back in human resources to begin to tackle workplace burnout.

I proposed seven key strategies organizations can implement to tackle workplace burnout, these include:

  • Put the “human” back in human resources; approach employees with care, emotional intelligence and concern for their well-being
  • Have a culture of no; create an environment where employees have choice and can say no to new initiatives or tasks that would contribute to burning out at work
  • Assess hiring cycles; have a plan for when employees leave, don’t just download that employees workload on others. Determine hiring needs before things get critical
  • Have employee check-ins: understand what is happening in your employees lives by engaging in deeper conversations. Create an environment where they can open up to you and have organizational support
  • Allow more flexible work hours and work from home days; numerous studies show the positive impact this can make in employee’s lives and how it contributes to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce
  • Make mental health days more accessible; create an environment where employees can feel comfortable taking mental health days to rest. We make sick days accessible, mental health days should be just as accessible.
  • Take the stigma away by talking about it; engage in discussion with employees and keep the lines of communication open

Finally, you wouldn’t let your phone continue to operate on “E” so don’t do the same to your workforce.

Check out my full video here: DisruputHR.

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