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Meet Jodi Tingling, MSW, RSW Career Strategist and Founder of Creating New Steps

Creating New Steps was created out of observing the continuous pattern of challenges individuals are experiencing within their careers. More and more professionals are unhappy in their current role, they are experiencing increasing levels of career dissatisfaction, workplace burn-out, and they are unsure about how to move forward in the next steps of their career. Creating New Steps helps professionals find their passions and purpose in their career and provides tools and strategies to help them succeed. It also helps support organizations in their goals to help employees succeed in their roles and enhance employee engagement.


For Individuals: Choose from an individual session, online courses or workshops to explore the next steps in your career. You may also be in a career that you love and is purposeful but may be feeling career burnt out or in need of a new vision. Choose a self-care individual session, or self-care package to explore how you can be your best self and more purposeful in your role.


 For Organizations: Choose a workshop or assessment that helps resolves your organization’s needs. Whether staff are experiencing increased levels of burn-out,  or your organization needs strategies to  increase employee engagement and retention, or you need to enhance team functioning. Contact Jodi at  905-492-0657 to discuss your organization’s needs.  

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