Supporting you in mental wellness & thriving in your career

Giving you what you need to thrive in your life and in your career

Navigating the workplace and balancing life priorities doesn’t have to be stressful. I help people put their mental health first while thriving at work.

Providing support in:

  • Workplace Wellness
  • Stress Management
  • Moms Mental Health
  • Career dissatisfaction
  • Workplace Burnout 


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Are you looking for your next speaker for your conference or event? Or do you need a professional to run a wellness workshop? 

I bring engagement, passion and years of expertise in areas of wellness and career success, hire me for your next event.

Coaching: Helping Women navigate the Stresses of Motherhood

As a Wellness Coach I help moms who are struggling with the overwhelm of motherhood and balancing work priorities by:

  • Reducing the overwhelm of motherhood 
  • Providing strategies to help recover from burnout
  • Creating a supportive community and a coaching system that works
  • Transforming the lives of women-taking them from overwhelm and chaos to clam and purpose
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“Jodi was so great to work with, so professional and knows her stuff"

Alina G.

“She was so engaging and made me develop a new perspective within my career and making sure I don't burn out"

Eve S.

“The time she took with me to develop a concrete strategy was amazing! I couldn't have changed my life without her"

Sri V.